A Future without Light Pollution

2019-06-14T04:54:40Z (GMT) by Blanc, Guillermo
The growth of light pollution in the areas around the La Silla and Las Campanas observatories has been dramatic over the last decade. I will discuss the strategies that international observatories and the Government of Chile are adopting to mitigate its effects, and the prospects for the future. Chile faces the challenge of fighting light pollution and protecting its dark skies in a context of sprawling urban growth and an ever-expanding mining industry that shares the same territory with astronomical observatories. The astronomical community is playing an active role in protecting the dark skies through a series of initiatives involving education programs, and aiding in the development and enforcement of public policy and regulation. While describing our experiences I highlight the importance of approaching the problem of light pollution form all sides, involving all the relevant actors (communities, national and local governments, lighting industry, environmentalists, astronomers, and others).