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A dataset with news messages from a Russian and a Ukrainian TV news channels

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posted on 22.12.2019 by Sergei Pashakhin, Olessia Koltsova

This data was used in the following publications:

1. Koltsova, O., & Pashakhin, S. (2019). Agenda divergence in a developing conflict: Quantitative evidence from Ukrainian and Russian TV newsfeeds. Media, War & Conflict, 1750635 21982987.

2.Pashakhin S. Topic Modeling for Frame Analysis of News Media // Proceedings of the AINL FRUCT 2016. С. 103-105 – URL:

The dataset contains 45,009 news messages collected from official websites of a Russian (Channel One) and a Ukrainian (Channel 5) TV channels. Ukrainian news items were translated into Russian.

The dataset has six variables:

  • text -- a news item;
  • channel -- a source of an item ('first' -- Russian TV channel, 'five' -- Ukrainian TV channel);
  • date -- the date of publishing;
  • url -- links to original news messages.