Aerosol particle number concentration measured over the Southern Ocean in the austral summer of 2016/2017, during the Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition.

***** Dataset abstract *****

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We measured aerosol particle number concentration with a condensation particle counter CPC model TSI 3022 at a time resolution of 10 seconds during the Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition (ACE). We report five-minute averaged data cleaned from exhaust gas influence. The lower cut-off of the CPC is 7 nm. Temporal coverage of the dataset is from December 20, 2016 to April 10, 2017.

The total particle number concentration reflects aerosol particles from a variety of sources and processes. The concentrations include for example sea spray aerosol, long-range transported particles, newly formed particles and others. The variability in the concentration reflects processes such as wet removal through precipitation, new particle formation or sea spray formation.

***** Dataset contents *****

- ACESPACE_aerosol_particle_concentration.csv, data file, comma-separated values
- data_file_header.txt, metadata, text
-, metadata, text

NaN values of aerosol particle number concentration denote missing values because of e.g., ship exhaust contamination, maintenance, instrument failure. For latitude and longitude, NaN values are noted in cases where position data was not available for the given time period.

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This aerosol particle number concentration dataset is made available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0) whose full text can be found at