Annotation of metagenome-assembled genomes retrieved from Amazon river basin metagenomes


Annotation of metagenome-assembled genomes retrieved from Amazon river basin metagenomes


                    RELEASE MAG-2018/01



Here is deposited the genes and proteins annotation from metagenome-assembled genomes (MAGs) retrieved from Amazon river basin metaganomes (SRP044326, PRJEB25171 and SRP039390) were deposited under European Nucleotide Archive - ENA project PRJEB25176. Briefly, metagenomes were coassembled in groups by geographical location with Megahit v.1.0 and the contigs were used to a reads mapping and binning with BWA-MEM (version 0.7.12-r1039), SamTools (version 1.3.1) and Metabat (v2.12.1). MAGs with overall quality greater than 50, calculated with CheckM (version 1.0.11), were selected for refining precedures. Contigs outliers were eliminated by using RefineM (version 0.0.23). Finished MAGs were then annotated by Prokka (version 1.11) pipeline, and with the other most completes databases up to date (KEGG, UniProtKB, dbCAN, PFAM, eggNOG and COG).




   MAGs sequences are available under ENA project PRJEB25176.


    ENA_accession   Isolate
    --------------------    --------------
    ERZ494218    AM_0118
    ERZ494219    AM_0219
    ERZ494220    AM_0226
    ERZ494221    AM_0228
    ERZ494222    AM_0233
    ERZ494223    AM_0240
    ERZ494224    AM_0244
    ERZ494225    AM_0256
    ERZ494226    AM_0268
    ERZ494227    AM_0275
    ERZ494228    AM_0466
    ERZ494229    AM_0507
    ERZ494230    AM_0510
    ERZ494231    AM_0519
    ERZ494232    AM_0528
    ERZ494233    AM_0546
    ERZ494234    AM_0608
    ERZ494235    AM_0615
    ERZ494236    AM_0616
    ERZ494237    AM_0619
    ERZ494238    AM_0621
    ERZ494239    AM_0630
    ERZ494240    AM_0643
    ERZ494241    AM_0729
    ERZ494242    AM_0764
    ERZ494243    AM_0832
    ERZ494244    AM_0849
    ERZ494245    AM_0854
    ERZ494246    AM_0876
    ERZ494247    AM_0902
    ERZ494248    AM_0936
    ERZ494249    AM_1003
    ERZ494250    AM_1104
    ERZ494251    AM_1111
    ERZ494252    AM_1205
    ERZ494253    AM_1312
    ERZ494254    AM_1409
    ERZ494255    AM_1503
    ERZ494256    AM_1603
    ERZ494257    AM_1606
    ERZ494258    AM_1801
    ERZ494259    AM_1811
    ERZ494260    AM_2104
    ERZ494261    AM_2116
    ERZ494262    AM_2124
    ERZ494263    AM_2202
    ERZ494264    AM_2207
    ERZ494265    AM_2208
    ERZ494266    AM_2324
    ERZ494267    AM_2502
    ERZ494268    AM_2804


This work is a joint effort of Laboratory of molecular biology from Federal
University of São Carlos, São Paulo, Brazil (LBM/UFSCAR) and Protists group
of Institut del Ciencias del Mar, Barcelone, Spain (ICM). We are grateful to
Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (CNPq), as well as,                     the spanish funding organ Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC).

This study was financed in part by the Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior - Brasil (CAPES) - Finance Code 001.



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