BART: version 0.4.02

2020-01-08T13:32:57Z (GMT) by Uecker, Martin Tamir, Jonathan I.

The Berkeley Advanced Reconstruction Toolbox (BART) is a framework for image reconstruction in Magnet Resonance Imaging (MRI). It consists of a programming library and a toolbox of command-line programs. The library provides common operations on multi-dimensional arrays, Fourier and wavelet transforms, as well as generic implementations of iterative optimization algorithms. The command-line tools provide direct access to basic operations on multi-dimensional arrays as well as efficient implementations of many calibration and reconstruction algorithms for MRI.


  • new tools: std var vec wavepsf whiten
  • std: compute standard deviation (Jonathan Tamir)
  • var: compute variance (Jonathan Tamir)
  • vec: create vectors from the command line
  • wavepsf: create PSF for wave acquisition (Siddharth Iyer)
  • whiten: compute/apply whitening matrix (Jonathan Tamir)
  • pics: basis pursuit formulation (Jonathan Tamir)
  • nlinv: support for simultaneous multi-slice (Sebastian Rosenzweig)
  • nlinv: various enhancements and fixes (Christian Holme)
  • pics: support for simultaneous multi-slice (Sebastian Rosenzweig)
  • traj: radial simultaneous multi-slice trajectories (Sebastian Rosenzweig)
  • fft: uncentered option (Jonathan Tamir)
  • nufft: use Toepliz-mode by default
  • nufft: add GPU option
  • python 3 version for bartview (Siddharth Iyer)
  • fix compilation for Cygwin on Windows (Johannes Töger)
  • include relevant parts of LAPACKE in BART
  • library: add NIHT algorithm (Sofia Dimoudi)
  • library: add Chambolle-Pock primal dual algorithm for F(Ax) + G(x) (Jonathan Tamir)
  • library: add md_zss function for sum-of-squares (Jonathan Tamir)
  • library: improved parallelization (Michael Anderson)
  • library: joint l1-wavelet regularization
  • library: rename wavelet3 to wavelet
  • library: Hamming and Hann windows (Jonathan Tamir)
  • library: png write functions (Christian Holme)
  • library: initial interface for nonlinear operators
  • many other bug fixes and improvements