Badoh-Pathari Saptamatrka Inscription Composite Photo

2018-07-07T04:48:38Z (GMT) by Dániel Balogh

This is a high-resolution digital composite of numerous detail photographs of the extremely weathered inscription accompanying the Saptamātṛkā panel on Gyānnāth Hill in Badoh-Pathari (Vidisha District, Madhya Pradesh, India). The photos were taken in January 2017; the digital compositing and enhancement was carried in the months between January and August 2017. The enhancement involved geometric transformation and individual cutting of the best-lit areas from each original photograph, as well as global exposure and sharpness alterations. No details in the image have been altered by hand.

Version 2 of July 2018 is an improved image some patches of which have been replaced with superior photographs takan in February 2018. This version includes three flavours of the composite photo: one in original colour (01), one with only the lightness data in greyscale (02), and one with image detail digitally enhanced and the unevenness lighting partly eliminated (03). The additional files include hand-drawn lettering over the lightness-based image. File 04 highlights definite carved lines of the original in green. File 05, in addition, highlights in yellow damaged lines identified with more or less certainty. File 06 adds orange outlines to the supposed location of lines tentatively restored but discernible in the image only with a biased eye or not at all. File 07 gives the same colour-coded hand tracing over the colour image. File 08 shows only the hand tracing on a black background. File 09 does the same in black-and-white (using solid gray for uncertain and grey outline for restored strokes) on a white background, while file 10 shows the black-and-white tracing over a partly faded lightness map of the composite photo.

The inscription was reported by M. B. Garde (Annual Report of the Archaeological Department, Gwalior State for Samvat 1980, Year 1923-24, page 12) who mentioned that the name of viṣayeśvara Mahārāja Jayatsena could be read in it along with a partial date, the 13th of a bright half-month. The area has recently been thoroughly surveyed by Anne Casile, the survey reported in 'Changing Religious Landscapes in Gupta Times: Archaeological Evidence from the Area of Baḍoh-Paṭhāri in Central India', South Asian Studies 30 (2014), 245-268.

Dániel Balogh is currently working on this inscription and planning to present the findings at the World Sanskrit Conference in 2018. Zenodo users who study this image are requested to share their insights with him, and not to publish a reading of the inscription before Balogh's publication of his reading.