Binaural room impulse responses recorded with KEMAR of a 19-channel linear loudspeaker array

2018-05-23T15:16:00Z (GMT) by Wierstorf, Hagen

BRIRs for 19 different loudspeakers placed in room Calypso at the Telefunken-building of TU Berlin were measured. The room is a studio listening room. The 19 loudspeakers constituted a linear loudspeaker array with a inter-loudspeaker distance of roughly 15cm. The measurement was done with the KEMAR (type 45BA) with the corresponding large ears (type KB0065 and KB0066) and Fostex PM0.4 loudspeakers. The dummy head was rotated from −90° to 90° in 1° steps. The measurement was repeated with the head wearing AKG K601 open headphones.




CC BY-SA 4.0