Biosignals for assessment of cybersickness

2019-04-08T04:54:19Z (GMT) by Miljković, Nadica

Invited lecture held on April 5, 2019. at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. More at: The lecture was followed by the electrogastrography (EGG) demo:

Abstract: The talk will explore a variety of available biosignals for quantitative assessment of motion sickness. Specific focus will be given to the assessment of cybersickness, being a special case of motion sickness induced by virtual reality and simulator experiences. Cybersickness is not just an interesting phenomenon that deserves to be explored; it’s also a major stumbling block for the wider application of virtual reality. Recent boost of scientific interest in well known method to record biosignals related to gastric motility (electrogastrography, EGG) might just suit the need for objective assessment of this unpleasant phenomenon. Results of a recent case study with aim at assessment of cybersickness by EGG will be presented together with pathways and pitfalls for future EGG application.

The results presented here are published at the ICIST 2019 conference ( and available at: