Simple and accurate analysis of ultrasound carotid artery images

CAROLAB software can be downloaded at:


Main features
• Visualize B-mode ultrasound DICOM image sequences (movie clips) of the carotid artery
• Automatically measure the diameter variation during time
• Automatically measure the IMT compression-decompression during time
• Automatically track the wall motion during the cardiac cycle
• Perform manual measurements if required
• And more


Thank you for using CAROLAB! This software is protected by an APP deposit (IDDN.FR.001.080024.000.S.P.2016.000.10000). If you use CAROLAB anywhere we would appreciate if you cite the following references: 

Please always cite [1].
[1] G. Zahnd, M. Orkisz, D. Vray, CAROLAB, doi:10.5281/zenodo.398680, 2017

Please also cite [2] if CAROLAB was used for motion tracking.
[2] G. Zahnd, M. Orkisz, A. Sérusclat, P. Moulin, and D. Vray, Evaluation of a Kalman-based block matching method to assess the bi-dimensional motion of the carotid artery wall in B-mode ultrasound sequences, Medical Image Analysis, 17(5):573–585, 2013

Please also cite [3] if CAROLAB was used for contour segmentation.
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