CBRBench - Canberra Ontology Ranking Benchmark

2018-05-28T04:07:25Z (GMT) by Anila Butt Armin Haller Lexing Xie

This benchmark suite for ontology ranking includes a collection of ontologies that was retrieved by crawling a seed set of ontology URIs derived from prefix.cc and a set of queries derived based on their popularity from a real query log from the Linked Open Vocabularies search engine in the period between 06/01/2012 and 16/04/2014. Further, it includes the results for the ideal ranking of the concepts in the ontology collection for the identified set of query terms established based on the opinions of ten ontology engineering experts.
The ideal ranking is compared with eight state-of-the-art ranking algorithms and the precision at k, the mean average precision and the discounted cumulative gain is calculated for these algorithms representing a baseline to compare an ontology ranking model to.