Computer Generated-Human Morph Stimuli

2018-05-22T07:47:54Z (GMT) by Bowling, Natalie Banissy, Michael

This stimulus set contains images of human faces (from the Radboud Faces Database; Langner et al., 2010) morphed with computer-generated versions of the same faces, made with FaceGen Modeller (Singular Inversions, Toronto, Canada). Morph continua are provided at 10% intervals (11 total images per morph) and 2% intervals (50 total images per morph). 16 total morphs are provided in the stimulus set, comprising 4 female faces with neutral expressions (labelled FN), 4 female faces with happy expressions (FH), 4 male faces with neutral expressions (MN) and 4 male faces with happy expressions (MH). All faces are Caucasian, and are photographed as a frontal view, with external features covered by an oval frame.

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Radboud Faces Database:

Langner, O., Dotsch, R., Bijlstra, G., Wigboldus, D. H. J., Hawk, S. T., & van Knippenberg, A. (2010). Presentation and validation of the Radboud Faces Database. Cognition & Emotion, 24(8), 1377-1388.




CC BY 4.0