DDC Brochure: an outline of the services provided by the DDC

2020-01-04T06:10:54Z (GMT) by Pascoe, Charlotte

The Data Distribution Centre (DDC) of the    Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
offers access to baseline and scenario data for representing the evolution of climatic, socio-economic, and other environmental conditions.

The DDC offers guidance on the selection and use of different types of data and scenarios. New studies making use of these scenarios can then feed back into the IPCC assessment process.

At a time when climate change is a rising challenge to society the DDC not only supports climate change scientist but also educators, governmental and non-governmental organizations and the public.

The DDC was established in 1998 by The IPCC Task Group on data and scenario support for Impact and Climate Analysis (TGICA).