Data for Galaxy CLIP-Seq Training Material

2019-02-28T04:50:15Z (GMT) by Florian Heyl

The eCLIP data provided here is a subset of the eCLIP data of RBFOX2 from a study published by Nostrand et al. (2016, The dataset contains the first biological replicate of RBFOX2 CLIP-seq and the input control experiment (*fastq files). The data was changed and downsampled to reduce data processing time, thus the datasets does not correspond to the original data pulled from Nostrand et al. (2016, Also included is a text file (.txt) encompassing the chromosome sizes of hg19 and hg38 obtained from UCSC (, and a genome annotation for hg19 (.gtf) taken from Ensembl ( and for hg38 taken from the Galaxy libraries ( The data is used for a galaxy training course about CLIP-Seq data analysis.