Data from: Spatial and host-related variation in prevalence and population density of wheat curl mite (Aceria tosichella) cryptic genotypes in agricultural landscapes

Filename: coord.csv

Names of the sampling locations and their geographic coordinates.

  1. Name - sampling locality identifier
  2. Lat - latitude
  3. Long - longitude


Filename: lineages.csv

  1. id.sample - sample identifier
  2. host - host species (Arrela=Arrhenantherum elatius, Avesat=Avena sativa, Broine=Bromus inermis, Elyres=Elymus repens, Horvul=Hordeum vulgaris, Seccer=Secale cereale, Triaes=Triticum aestivum, Tririm=Triticale rimpaui
  3. x, y - geodetic coordinates
  4. stems - no. of stems in a sample
  5. leaves - no. of leaves in a sample
  6. MT.01 to MT.27 - no. of mites belonging to each genetic lineage




CC BY 4.0