Dataset for "Low-cloud feedback in CAM5-CLUBB: physical mechanisms and parameter sensitivity analysis"

This repository contains the data of 512 perturbed-parameter ensemble experiments and CAM5-CLUBB default experiments for the paper "Low-cloud feedback in CAM5-CLUBB: physical mechanisms and parameter sensitivity analysis".

In this paper, the quasi-Monte Carlo (QMC) sampling approach is applied to explore the high-dimensional space. 512 samples are generated with the 18 perturbed parameters. For each parameter sample, a pair of experiments is performed: the control one is based on the climatological sea surface temperature (SST), and the 4K experiment applies a uniform +4K SST perturbation to the control experiment. The total of 1024 simulations are then performed. In addition, CAM5-CLUBB default experiments that adopt the default values of the 18 selected parameters as in Bogenschutz et al. (2013) are performed to provide detailed model diagnostics for analyzing physical mechanisms of the cloud feedback, and they include both control and +4K simulations. Each simulation is run for 5 years and 4 months, forced by climatological SSTs. Monthly mean results from the last 5 years are analysed in this study.

Note: data uploaded here is annual-mean and the dimension name 'time' in the files (CAM5-CLUBB_PPE_512*.nc) is the number of 512 PPE member.