Does Constrictotermes cyphergaster (Silvestri, 1901) foraging dynamics change according to the nest size?

The foraging behaviour of termites can be influenced by the size of it’s population, suggesting that bigger colonies have need more resources. We evaluated the relation between the foraging dynamics and the nest size of \textit{Constrictotermes cyphergaster} in Caatinga areas. 15 nests with volumes ranging between ±6L; ±12L; ±18L; ±24L and ±30L (liters) were randomly selected. For each volume, three nests were used. The nests were monitored during eight days, observing the foraging frequency, duration, distance and the explored resources from 18 to 06 o’clock. No significant difference between foraging frequency and duration among the volumes were detected (P>0.05). The foraging area differed between the nests size (P<0.01). Termitariums with 30L explored minor areas (226 square meters), in comparison with 6L nests (1.391), suggesting that individuals belonging to bigger nests developed strategies to optimize the foraging, in reason of the maturity of the colony and bigger energetic necessities.




CC BY 4.0