Enhancing Access to Audio Video Collections of Raman Research Institute Library through Digitization

The digitization of library non-book materials has become essential as it enhances accessibility through internet. Library of Raman Research Institute (RRI) took digitization of audio and Video (AV) collection in the year 2000. The main objective is to enhance the access to inaccessible resources. As such retaining AV documents in their original format has problems of storage since they are vulnerable to usage and climatic changes. Due to frequent change in the physical format of AV materials, it becomes unreadable because of non-availability of reading devices. An effort has been made to show how different measures have been adopted to circumvent various problems. Initially metadata was created to provide access through library catalogue. Since, it was not enough to get full content of resources; library went for converting AV collection to CD format. CDs are very sensitive to scratches and multiuser access is restricted. To resolve these problems, library at RRI has adopted digitization of multimedia documents. This is to illustrate how digitized AV collections are showcased in RRI intranet and on the web for wider accessibility




CC BY 4.0