FIGURES 15 – 23 in New genus of Enicocephalinae (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Enicocephalomorpha) from Sabah based on three new species

2018-05-23T09:45:01Z (GMT) by Štys, Pavel Ř, Petr Ba Ň A
FIGURES 15 – 23. Diagnostic characters on mesal parts of thorax in Phaenicocleus species; schemes without scale. 15, 18, 21, P. m i n o r; 16, 19, 22, P. sabahensis; 17, 20, 23, P. schwendingeri. 15 – 17, midlobe and hindlobe of pronotum, median, and central structures; 18 – 20, anterior prosupracoxalia (seen in a strictly ventral view, hence appearing linear) fused with an unpaired euprosternal structure; 21 – 23, median of meteusternum. Lettering: apcx—anterior prosupracoxale; emtst—eumetasternum; hlpn—hindlobe of pronotum; i—impression; m—median of eumetasternum; mlpn—midlobe of pronotum; ms—medial structure of euprosternum; r—ridge