FIGURES 1 – 7 in Helobdella nahuelhuapensis sp. nov. (Hirudinea, Glossiphoniidae), from Bariloche, Argentina

2018-05-24T13:15:31Z (GMT) by Gullo, Bettina Sandra
FIGURES 1 – 7. External morphology of H. nahuelhuapensis sp. nov. 1. Dorsal surface of holotype with randomily arranged chromatophores. 2. Ventral surface of the holotype showing one pair of inframarginal lines. 3. Dorsum of holotype showing subdivision of middorsal annuli a 1 a 2 a 3 at somite XVII and XVIII. 4. Ventral region of the holotype showing anterior sucker with mouth pore terminal. 5. Unpigmented region at somite VIII. 6. Cephalic region of holotype exhibiting two punctiform eyes. 7. Clitellar region of the paratype with male (m) and female (f) gonopores separated by one annulus.