FIGURES 49 – 55 in Remarkable diversity of the genus Endonura Cassagnau, 1979 (Collembola: Neanuridae: Neanurinae) in the Caucasus

2018-05-24T04:41:42Z (GMT) by Smolis, Adrian Kuznetsova, Nataliya
FIGURES 49 – 55. Endonura cryptopyga sp. nov.: 49, dorsal chaetotaxy of ant. III – IV; 50, chaetotaxy of labrum; 51, tibiotarsus and claw III, ventrolateral view; 52, sensillum sgv and ms of ant. III; 53, dorsal chaetotaxy of head and th. I – II (holotype); 54, dorsal chaetotaxy of abd. III – VI (holotype); 55, chaeta Di 1 of abd. V.