FIGURE 10. Cedarina clevensis n in The Marjuman trilobite Cedarina Lochman: thoracic morphology, systematics, and new species from western Utah and eastern Nevada, USA

FIGURE 10. Cedarina clevensis n. sp., from the Lincoln Peak Formation Marjuman; Crepicephalus Zone), Cleve Creek, Schell Creek Range, White Pine County, eastern Nevada. All magnifications are x 15. Juvenile specimens in A-C and E are questionably assigned. A, B, E. Cranidium, SUI 111860, dorsal, right lateral, and anterior views, x 30 (CC 1). C. Cranidium, SUI 111861, dorsal view, x 25 (CC 1). D. Left librigena, SUI 109006, external view, x 10 (CLC 67.5 T m). F, G, I, J. Thoracic segment, SUI 109008, dorsal, ventral, anterior, and left lateral views (CLC 67.5 T m). H, K, N, Q. Pygidium, SUI 109009, left lateral, dorsal, posterior, and ventral views (CLC 67.5 T m). L, O, R, S. Pygidium, SUI 109010, dorsal, posterior, ventral, and right lateral views (CLC 67.5 T m). M, P, T, U. Pygidium, holotype, SUI 109011, dorsal, posterior, left lateral, and ventral views (CLC 67.5 T m).