FIGURE 11 in Systematics and preliminary phylogeny of Bornellidae (Mollusca: Nudibranchia: Dendronotina) based on morphological characters with description of four new species

FIGURE 11. Scanning electron micrographs of Bornella hermanni Angas, 1864. A – C, Posterior chamber of the stomach variability: A, NSMO-Op: 32, scale bar: 300 Μm. B, AM C. 127467, scale bar: 60 Μm. C, AM C. 152056, scale bar: 100 Μm. D – F, Penis variability: D, NSMO-Op: 32, 1 mm. E, AM C. 112212, scale bar: 100 Μm. F, AM C. 108069, scale bar: 100 Μm.