FIGURE 12 in Generic classification for the Gasteruptiinae (Hymenoptera: Gasteruptiidae) based on a cladistic analysis, with the description of two new Neotropical genera and the revalidation of Plutofoenus Kieffer

2018-05-23T23:04:54Z (GMT) by Macedo, Antonio Carlos Cruz
FIGURE 12. Mesonotum in dorsal view. a: Plutofoenus chaeturus; b: P. e d w a rd s i; c: P. paraguayensis; d: Spinolafoenus ruficornis; e: Trilobitofoenus alvarengai; f: T. plaumanni; g: T. sericeus. Scale bar: 1.0 mm. Numbers indicate characters and respective synapomorphic states (within brackets).