FIGURE 17. A. benitus. A in The genus Arrhopalites Börner, 1906 (Collembola, Appendiciphora, Arrhopalitidae) in the Neotropical Region, with description of four new cave species from Brazil

2018-05-25T05:58:29Z (GMT) by Zeppelini, Douglas
FIGURE 17. A. benitus. A, fourth antennal segment; B, apical subsegment of fourth antennal segment; C, apical sensory organ of third antennal segment; D, body setae (a, anterior, b, posterior); E, ventral and dorsal chaetotaxy of the dens; F, mucro; G, metatrochanteral organ; H, tenaculum; I, anal valve chaetotaxy; J, posterior cephalic chaetotaxy; K, foot complex (a, first leg, b, second leg, c, third leg).