FIGURE 1 in A new subspecies of Batagur affinis (Cantor, 1847), one of the world’s most critically endangered chelonians (Testudines: Geoemydidae)

FIGURE 1. Bayesian reconstruction of the phylogeny of Batagur and allied geoemydid taxa, based on the expanded data set of Le et al. (2007). Numbers above nodes are posterior probabilities (partitioned analysis). Posterior probabilities are identical for unpartitioned analysis, except for the clade comprising B. dhongoka + (B. borneoensis + B. trivittata) and the basal clade of all taxa except Geoemyda and Rhinoclemmys (. 97 and. 81, respectively). Numbers below nodes, ML and MP bootstrap values. For Pangshura + (Hardella + Batagur) the habitat is coded.