FIGURE 1 in Insects found in birds’ nests from Argentina. Part I: a bibliographical review, with taxonomical corrections, comments and a hypothetical mechanism of transmission of cimicid bugs

2018-05-22T20:55:04Z (GMT) by Turienzo, Paola Iorio, Osvaldo Di
FIGURE 1. Occurrences of hematophagous insects in birds´nests from Argentina. Phytogeographical provinces of Argentina: broad horizontal stripes, Chacoan Province; narrow horizontal stripes: a, Austro-brazilian transition forest; b, Paranaensic Province; c, Paranaensic Province (Gallery Forest) (according to Prado 1993); diagonal stripes, Monte Province (according to Morello 1958); vertical stripes, Espinal Province (according to Lewis & Collantes 1973). Caminicimex furnarii: black circles, Furnarius rufus; black star, Passer domesticus.