FIGURE 24. A – L in Morphological and molecular data reveal the cryptic diversity among populations of Aegla paulensis (Decapoda, Anomura, Aeglidae), with descriptions of four new species and comments on dispersal routes and conservation status

FIGURE 24. A – L, proximal portion of fifth pereiopod showing coxa and sexual tube of long and narrow type. A – B, Aegla paulensis Schmitt, 1942 s. str., male topotype (MZUSP 34368). C – D, Aegla rosanae Campos Jr., 1998, male topotype (MZUSP 34369). E – F, Aegla vanini n. sp., male paratype (MZUSP 34372). G – H, Aegla japi n. sp., male paratype (MZUSP 34375). I – J, Aegla jaragua n. sp. male paratype (MZUSP 34378). K-L, Aegla jundiai n. sp., male paratype (MZUSP 13490). Bars: A – D, F – H, J = 200 µm; K, L = 100 µm; E, I = 500 µm.