FIGURE 2. Acanthaxius clevai n in Three species of Acanthaxius Sakai & de Saint Laurent, 1989, including two new to science, from the Solomon Islands and New Caledonia (Crustacea, Thalassinidea, Axiidae)

2018-05-23T06:49:40Z (GMT) by Ngoc-Ho, Nguyen
FIGURE 2. Acanthaxius clevai n. sp. A, D, holotype, male (MNHN Th 1491).; B, C, E, F, male paratype (MNHN Th 1492) .. A, anterior part of carapace; B, large pereopod 1; C, small pereopod 1; D, telson and uropods; E, antenna; F, maxilliped 3. Scale line: 2 mm.