FIGURE 2. Pandalus ivanovi n in A new species of the pandalid shrimp genus Pandalus (Crustacea: Decapoda: Caridea) from the Sea of Okhotsk off eastern Sakhalin, Russian Far East

2018-05-10T15:17:34Z (GMT) by Komai, Tomoyuki Eletskaya, Maria
FIGURE 2. Pandalus ivanovi n. sp. Holotype, female (CL 28.4 mm; CBM-ZC 9221). A, carapace and cephalic appendages, lateral view; B, rostrum, lateral view (setae omitted); C, posterior four pleonal somites and telson, lateral view (setae omitted); D, telson, dorsal view; E, left ocular appendage, antennule and antenna, dorsal view. Scale bars: 10 mm for A, C; 5 mm for B, D, E.