FIGURE 3. Alvinocaris niwa n in Alvinocarididae) and new records of alvinocaridids from hydrothermal vents north of New Zealand

2018-05-22T20:15:20Z (GMT) by Webber, W. Richard
FIGURE 3. Alvinocaris niwa n. sp. holotype (NIWA 3253), a, first maxilliped, left side, anterior view; b, second maxilliped, right side, posterior view; c, second maxilliped, right side, anterior view; d, third maxilliped, right side, lateral view; e, third maxilliped, right side, mesial view; f, first pereopod, right side, lateral view; g, first pereopod, right side, mesial view; h, first pereopod fingers, right side, lateral (concave) view. Scale bars a – c = 2 mm; d – g = 4 mm; h = 1 mm.