FIGURE 4 in A review of the genus Eclipidrilus (Annelida: Clitellata: Lumbriculidae), with description of a new species from western North America

2018-05-23T06:54:55Z (GMT) by Steven Fend, V.
FIGURE 4. Reproductive segments of E. pacificus, typical specimens, Hoh River, Washington, reconstructed from transverse sections. A—male pore and atrial duct in X; arrows indicate lateral positions of midpoints of chaetal pairs. B—spermathecal pores and ducts in IX. Abbreviations: ad—atrial duct; ag—accessory gland; mf—male funnel; sa—spermathecal ampulla; sd—spermathecal duct; sv—spermathecal vestibule. Scale bar 200 µm.