FIGURE 4 in Pontoniine shrimps from the 2003 NORFANZ Expedition, 10 May – 16 June (Crustacea: Decapoda: Palaemonidae)

2018-05-23T06:55:14Z (GMT) by Bruce, A. J.
FIGURE 4. Periclimenes fenneri sp. nov., female holotype,. A, Mandible, molar process. B, same, incisor process. C, maxillula, palp. D, third maxilliped, endopod, distolateral angle of merus. E, same, tip of terminal segment, setae omitted. F, third pereiopod, distal propod and dactyl, propodal spines black. G, same, distal corpus and unguis. H, third abdominal tergite, posterior marginal denticulations. I, telson, posterior marginal spines, dorsal spine inset above. J, uropod, distolateral angle of exopod.