FIGURE 7. Elamena gordonae Monod, 1956 in Stomatopod and decapod crustaceans from Camamu Bay, state of Bahia, Brazil

FIGURE 7. Elamena gordonae Monod, 1956, from Camamu Bay, Bahia, Brazil. A, D – J, ovigerous female (MZUESC # 719); B, C, ovigerous female (MZUESC # 718). A, B. carapace, dorsal view; C. anterior region with rostrum and eyes, dorsal view; D. left pereiopod 1, dorsal view; E. same, detail of chela; F. right pereiopod 2; G. left pereiopod 3; H. left pereiopod 4; I. right pereiopod 5; J. same, dactyl. Scale bars: A, B, F – I = 1 mm; C – E = 0.5 mm; J = 0.25 mm.