FIGURE 8. Synalpheus corallinus n in The sponge-dwelling snapping shrimps (Crustacea, Decapoda, Alpheidae, Synalpheus) of Discovery Bay, Jamaica, with descriptions of four new species

FIGURE 8. Synalpheus corallinus n. sp. Holotype non-ovigerous individual CL: 3.40 mm (USNM 112363, original VIMS 08 JAM 7002) from Hyattella intestinalis, Dairy Bull Reef, Jamaica: A, second pereopod; B, same, detail of distal region; C, third pereopod; D, same, detail of distal region; E, fourth pereopod; F, same, detail of distal region; G, fifth pereopod; H, same, detail of distal region. Scale bar = 0.4 mm for A, C, E, G; 0.15 mm for B, D, F, H.