FIGURE 9. Caridina mahalona, new species. A in Partial revision of freshwater shrimps from Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, with descriptions of two new species (Crustacea: Decapoda: Atyidae)

2018-05-11T08:51:15Z (GMT) by Cai, Yixiong Wowor, Daisy Choy, Satish
FIGURE 9. Caridina mahalona, new species. A. cephalothorax and cephalic appendages, B. first pereiopod, C. second pereiopod, D. third pereiopod, E. dactylus of third pereiopod, F. fifth pereiopod, G. dactylus of fifth pereiopod, H. endopod of male first pleopod, I. appendix masculina and appendix interna of male second pleopod. Scales: A = 1 mm; B – D, F = 0.5 mm; E, G = 0.1 mm; H, I = 0.2 mm. (A, paratype, female, cl 4.4 mm, B – I, paratype, male, cl 3.9 mm, ZRC).