FIGURE 9 in A taxonomic review of the anilline genus Zeanillus Jeannel (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Bembidiini) of New Zealand, with descriptions of seven new species, re-classification of the species, and notes on their biogeography and evolution

2018-05-25T05:55:31Z (GMT) by Sokolov, Igor M.
FIGURE 9. SEM illustrations of pygidium and apex of elytra, dorsal aspect, of Zeanillus species. A— Z. phyllobius; B— Z. punctigerus; C— Z. pellucidus; D— Z. lescheni. Legend: ea—apex of right elytron; ed 8 — apical seta; pgd—pygidium; suelytral suture. Scale bars = 0.05 mm.