FIG. 5 in Fossil dipsadid snakes from the Guadeloupe Islands (French West-Indies) and their interactions with past human populations

FIG. 5. — Trunk vertebrae of Alsophis antillensis (Schlegel, 1837) from Gare Maritime de Basse-Terre archaeological site (US 1008) located on Basse-Terre Island (A) and from Blanchard Cave paleontological deposit (Layer 11) located on Marie-Galante Island (B). Abbreviations: cd., condyle; ct., cotyle; di., diapophysis; e. s., epizygapophyseal spine; h. k., hemal keel; m. c., medial constriction; n. s., neural spine; p. c., precondylar constriction; p. d., paracotylar depression; p. n., postero-medial notch of the zygantrum; pa., parapophysis; pz. f., prezygapophyseal facet; pz. p., prezygapophyseal process; s. d., subcentral depression; s. r., subcentral ridge; s. t., sub-cotylar tubercle; zs., zygosphene. Scale bars: 4 mm.