Facial Features of Air Gun Array Wavelets in the Time-Frequency Domain under Practical Conditions

2019-07-08T04:45:37Z (GMT) by zhangdong

The data in folder (a) include mass of air in the bubble, variation in the temperature of the gas inside the bubble, bubble radius, bubble wall velocity, notional signature and far-field signature simulated by Van der Waals air-gun model. The actual data in folder (b) are the far-field wavelets at different locations measured by China Ocean University on the northern slope of the South China Sea in April 2017. The simulated data are the far-field wavelets corresponding to the actual locations simulated by Van der Waals air-gun model. The data in the folder (c) includes simulated three dimensional acoustic field and facial evaluation data for long array, square array, simultaneously fired vertical array, and time-delayed vertical array.