FedTest workshop IEEE Conference on Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined Networks

2019-07-31T04:56:58Z (GMT) by Anastasius Gavras

The workshop aims at providing an international forum for researchers and practitioners from academia, industry, network operators, and service providers to discuss and address the challenges deriving from bringing the technologies from labs to the field with special attention to the effective integration of SDN and NfV functions into a single programmable context. 


The workshop welcomes contributions from several communities interested in the "virtualization at large" approach, the programmability of network resources, the integration of these functions, the introduction of novel security features. The workshop is particularly interested in real use cases and their implementation.


Another topic of great importance is the operation of these platforms. This is a new paradigm, and many operators and other stakeholder need to learn how to fully exploit the capabilities offered. New processes for the management of resources, for the relationship with developers, for the requirements captures from the users have to be identified and consolidated in order to make these platforms a valid instrument for changing the way in which communication services are provided. In addition the workshop aims at considering how these technologies can influence and shape the definition and implementation of the future 5G networks.  


Contributions that discuss lessons learnt and best practices, describe practical deployment and implementation experiences, and demonstrate innovative use-cases are especially encouraged for presentation and publication.