Fig. 11 in Phylogenomic Species Delimitation, Taxonomy, and 'Bird Guide' Identification for the Neotropical Ant Genus Rasopone (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

2020-05-15T05:17:03Z (GMT) by Longino, John T. Branstetter, Michael G.
Fig. 11. Distribution map, face view, and lateral view of petiole of Rasopone ferruginea (worker, Nicaragua, CASENT0644264), R. JTL040 (worker, Colombia, MCZ-ENT00716609), R. JTL041 (worker, Colombia, MCZ-ENT00716614), and R. costaricensis form a (worker, Costa Rica, INB0003659312). On distribution maps, red dots are sites with UCE sequence data. Red boxes are type locality (type locality for R. ferruginea is 'Mexico').