Fig. 12 in Annotated review of Cryptocephalinae (Clytrini), Synetinae and part of Galerucinae (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) described by Carl Peter Thunberg

2019-08-02T08:32:09Z (GMT) by Bezděk, Jan
Fig. 12. Smeia undata (Thunberg, 1821) comb. nov. A–D. Holotype, ♂, 6.5 mm, UUZM. A. Dorsal view. B. Frontal view. C. Label. D. Box label. E–F. Syntype of Clythra virginea Lacordaire, 1848, ♂, not measured, ZMHB. E. Dorsal view. F. Labels. G–H. Syntype of Melitonoma pictipennis Jacoby, 1898, ♀, not measured, BMNH. G. Dorsal view. H. Labels.