Fig. 18. A in Species groups in the genus Cubitermes (Isoptera: Termitidae) defined on the basis of enteric valve morphology

2020-01-29T06:14:28Z (GMT) by Josens, Guy Deligne, Jean
Fig. 18. A. Enteric valve of the "sankurensis valve pattern", from a worker of Cubitermes sankurensis Wasmann, 1911: note the narrowness of the secondary cushions in their upstream thirds; B. Idem from a soldier of C. sankurensis; C. Idem from an imago, unopened and seen in profile, of C. orthognathus (Emerson, 1928); D. The same as C, opened: the spatula on PC3 is only sketched (arrow), PC4 is lacking (damaged); E. Idem from a worker of C. proximatus Silvestri, 1914, unopened and seen in profile, the spatulae stick out of the valve into the second paunch, the contour of which is marked as a dotted line; F. The same as E unopened and seen from behind; A to F at the same scale; G. Geographical distribution of species with the sankurensis valve pattern.