Fig. 1 in Revision of the genus Cerapanorpa (Mecoptera: Panorpidae) with descriptions of four new species

2019-07-17T05:10:14Z (GMT) by Gao, Kai Hua, Bao-Zhen
Fig. 1. Comparisons of Cerapanorpa obtusa (Cheng, 1949) (A, C–E) in central China and Panorpa acutipennis Hua, 1998 (B, F–H) from Northeast Asia. A–B. Male live habitus. C, F. Male genital bulb in ventral view. D, G. Aedeagus in ventral view, arrow indicates the aedeagal hamulus. E, H. Female medigynium in ventral view. Abbreviations: aha = aedeagal hamulus; ax = axis; dv = dorsal valve; gcx = gonocoxite; gs = gonostylus; hv = hypovalve; lp = lateral process; mp = main plate; pa = posterior arm; vbp = ventral basal plate; vv = ventral valve. Scale bars: C, F = 0.5 mm; D–E, G–H = 0.2 mm.