Fig. 3 in Gonzalo Giribet

Fig. 3. Summary of topologies and clade supports result of the phylogenetic analyses of the combined molecular dataset as described in the Materials and methods section under (A) maximum-likelihood (ML), (B) parsimony and (C) Bayesian inference (BI). Families and genera are collapsed into cartoons depicted with different colors. Width of the cartoons reflects the actual number of terminals included in the analyses except for outgroups. The base topology is the ML result from the analyses of the complete dataset. Black asterisks denote bootstrap values ≥ 95 (in ML topology); posterior probabilities ≥ 0.95 (in BI topology); clades supported across all parameters explored in the parsimony sensitivity analysis. Black squares represent values 95> X ≥ 80 % (in ML topology) and posterior probabilities 0.95> X ≥ 0.8 (in BI topology). Gelanor species are represented in red, Ero in blue, Anansi n. gen. in dark green, Australomimetus in brown; three clades of Mimetus that were recovered throughout the analyses are represented as follows: Mimetus from DR, Madagascar, USA and South Africa in turquoise; Neotropical Mimetus in purple and Indomalayan Mimetus in yellow. Tetragnathidae is depicted in light green; Arkyidae in pink and remaining outgroups in grey.