Fig. 77. Tergum I in Revision of the Oriental species of the genus Sphegina Meigen, 1822 (Diptera: Syrphidae)

Fig. 77. Tergum I, dorsal view (A, E–F) and lateral view (B–D). A. Sphegina (Asiosphegina) mirifica Hippa, van Steenis & Mutin, 2015, ♀, Myanmar. B. S. (A.) nigerrima Shiraki, 1930, ♂, Taiwan. C. S. (A.) bispinosa Brunetti, 1915, ♂, Nepal. D. S. (A.) philippina Thompson, 1999, paratype, ♀, Philippines. E. S. (A.) raduloides Hippa, van Steenis & Mutin, 2015, paratype, ♂, Myanmar. F. S. (A.) cf. spathigera sp. nov., ♀, Philippines. Scale bars = 0.5 mm.