Figure 3 in Four new species of Mesomyzostoma (Myzostomida: Annelida)

Figure 3. Mesomyzostoma cf. reichenspergeri (Remscheid 1918). (A) Live specimen revealed when the oral disc was removed from the host. This specimen was partly in the oral disc and partly in the arm coelom. (B) Live specimen being dissected from oral disc. (C) Whole specimen showing fi ve chaetigers and no cirri. (D) Scanning electron micrograph (SEM) view of entire individual showing low parapodia and external ciliation. Small arrows show four parapodia from chaetigers 1, 2, 4 and 5 (the third is not visible in the picture). (E) Detailed SEM view of anterior end and fi rst parapodium, showing ciliation. (F) Micrograph of a parapodium digested in bleach showing acicula. (G) Micrograph of a parapodium digested in bleach showing the hook, replacement hook and acicula. Abbreviations: ac, acicula; c, cloaca; ci, cilia; h, hook; ma, manubrium; od, oral disc of crinoid host; p, parapodium; rh, replacement hook; m, mouth.