Figure 7: -"Action" as determination through a sending universal-Brain Functors: A mathematical model of intentional perception and action

2019-12-17T08:28:42Z (GMT) by David Ellerman

Dual to the generic model of "perception" is the generic model of "action"–which is the determinative scheme given by a right semiadjunction. In the model of perception, there is the uninterpreted message as just a sensory input (the external het), and then there is the second level where the factorization (the internal hom) through the receiving universal recognizes the interpretation, meaning, or intentionality of the message. In the dual model of "action," the external het specifies the external behavior (which could be even a reflex behavior) while internal hom factoring through a sending universal that supplies the "intentionality" of the "action" (where an "action" is a "behavior" plus the second level of "intentionality"). In each case, we end up with a certain behavior but determined by two different means.