Figure 8a. from: A first integrative study of the identity and origins of the British Dwarf Pill Millipede populations, Trachysphaera cf. lobata (Diplopoda, Glomerida, Glomeridae) - Biodiversity Data Journal 3: e5176 (09 June 2015)

2018-05-11T10:15:05Z (GMT) by Wilbrandt, Jeanne
Figure 8a. - Telopods. SEM micrographs of Trachysphaeracf.drescoi and T.pyrenaica males from France. For TW# refer to Checklists. Abbreviations: fem = femur; pre = prefemur; syn = syncoxite; ta = tarsus; ti = tibia; 18 = leg (pair) 18.Figure, anterior view (MBiID 852849)Figure, anterior view (MBiID 852848)Figure 8c.T.pyrenaica, anterior view (MBiID 852894)Figure 8d.T.pyrenaica, posterior (anal) view (MBiID 852898)
T.pyrenaica, anterior view (MBiID 852894)




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