Garden (MelaTAMP storyboards)

2020-01-04T06:10:47Z (GMT) by Ana Krajinović

A storyboard for fieldwork semantics eliciting present counterfactual conditional sentences. This storyboard has cultural references to Vanuatu and it was used to elicit linguistic data of the language of South Efate (Nafsan) [erk].

Each storyboard has two versions: one with the text in English and Bislama (Garden.pdf and Garden2.pdf) and the other only with pictures (Garden_notext.pdf and Garden2_notext.pdf). Other files consist of original pictures used in the storyboards and their tex files.

The storyboard should be told to the consultant in a contact language, who should then repeat the story in the targeted language using the version without text (see also Strang Burton and Lisa Matthewson. Targeted construction storyboards in semantic fieldwork. In Ryan Bochnak and Lisa Matthewson, editors, Methodologies in Semantic Fieldwork, pages 135–156. Oxford University Press, 2015).

The storyboard is also archived in PARADISEC: Ana Krajinovic (collector), Ana Krajinovic (author), 2018; Storyboards, PDF, 2018-09-18.