Gene expression QTL lead variants in macrophages stimulated with IFNg and Salmonella

2018-05-10T04:45:23Z (GMT) by Alasoo, Kaur

Lead eQTL variants from RASQUAL and FastQTL analyses.

Columns in the RASQUAL results:

  • snp_id - id of the lead eQTL variant
  • gene_id - id of the gene
  • chisq - Chi-square statistics from RASQUAL
  • p_nominal - Nominal p-value from RASQUAL
  • p_eigen - Nominal p-value corrected by EigenMT for the number of indepedent tests in the cis region of the gene.
  • n_tests - Number of independent tests estimated by EigenMT
  • fdr_thresh - Empirical FDR 10% threshold. Those eQTLs for which p_eigen < fdr_threshold are significant at the 10% FDR level.